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Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Before the initial appointment:  Clients fill out  an in-depth health history questionnaire. 


The interview:  I will ask you lots of questions about your health and your habits.  I will feel your pulse, look at your tongue, observe how you look, and feel your meridians and  muscle tension.


The treatment Involves the insertion of very fine, packaged, sterile needles which will elicit little to no discomfort. The number of needles used is determined by the treatment protocol and may vary from treatment to treatment.


My focus:  Putting together the information from the medical history as well as my observations. The goal is to discover the root of the problem and how it may be affecting the observable symptoms.


Do the needles hurt? Upon insertion, the client may feel a slight sting or prick. Once the needle is inserted, there should be no pain but possibly a heavy feeling or the feeling of something moving.


The number of treatments: It depends  the nature of the problem. Chronic longstanding disorders generally take longer.

Cupping or Gua sha may be added to the treatment if the patient desires.

  • Please come to the treatment with loose fitting clothing

  • It is a good idea to eat something before the treatment and to drink plenty of water afterwards.




A Typical Treatment 

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