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Acupuncture for Stress Relief

I had my first-ever acupuncture treatment with Tracy for insomnia issues.  Tracy was great at answering all of my questions and thoroughly assessing my needs to determine the best course of action.  The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing and painless, and in the days following I had less difficulty falling asleep, and felt more balanced and at ease. 

I was so thrilled with the positive experience that I have continued acupuncture treatments with Tracy for help with anxiety management, and I have noticed marked improvements in this area as well.  I have more energy, feel  less anxious, and generally feel great!  Thanks to Tracy, I am now a huge advocate for this practice as an alternative to relying on the “quick fix” with medications.  I have already recommended Tracy to several people, and will absolutely continue to do so.  She is professional, comforting, and she gets you results!     Cate French, New York, NY


Tracy’s method of acupuncture is warm, inviting, and professional. The minute you walk into her practice, you know you are in the presence of a born healer. I was suffering from an injured right shoulder for months, and I saw dramatic improvement after only a couple of sessions.

Benjamin J. Kopel, Rye, New York


I came to Tracy a year after radical prostate surgery followed by radiation.  Trust me when I say that cancer leaves a huge scar.  The path to wellness is a long and arduous road  and I've been blessed by Tracy's friendship and her uderstanding of acupuncture, both of which has helped me immensely. Michael Day, Norwalk, CT.

I am a rower and I came to Tracy with a strained muscle in my back, making it impossible to row and difficult to sleep, drive, or simply be comfortable.  Tracy gave me one acupuncture treatment and I have not had any pain since!

I was really pleased and surprised that acupuncture could work so quickly and effectively and  I have recomended her to my fellow teammates.  Catrina Schmiker, Rye, NY

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